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EXCLUSIVE In-House Gold Plating Training Courses on How To plate metal and non-metal items

Item Number 911

Our training courses will show you all the things you need to know to plate perfectly from day 1

Courses are available plating metal items by the hour starting with a minimum of 2 hours which is the least time required to understand the basics of gold plating up to 4 hours for more comprehensive training. These are ideal for people looking to plate as a hobby, for arts and crafts or to start a small home based business' 

Alternatively you may want to plate non-metals such as plastics, wood, organic matter etc as well as metal items in which case you would need to book berween 4 and 8 hours as this is more technical and ideal for people looking to start a part/full time start-up business to build up into a full time career.  

Training includes some or all of the following depending on how long you book your course for:

  • How to identify most metals at a glance

  • How to prepare any metal for plating

  • How to plate perfectly every time from day 1

  • How to prepare NON metals (plastics, organic, wood etc) for electroplating (called electroforming)

  • How to create a conductive metal coating on a wide range of non metals

  • How to elctroform Copper on to most non metals

Just consider, if you wanted to have something gold plated where could you go?, if you wanted to see a gold plated item outside of the normal (jewellery, maybe taps, maybe cutlery), where could you go? Most people when asked this in the UK do not know of ANYONE in their own area who can offer this.

If you are thinking of starting a business then this must be the most untapped, low-cost, low on skill requirement business opportunity there is today.

Training courses are held at our workshop in Gillingham Kent and must be booked in advance as spaces and dates are limited.

Single person training is charged at a flat rate of £50 per hour, or £75 per hour for couples and all materials, equipment and chemicals are included and attendees must be over the age of 18.

Anyone attending any of our training courses are automatically given a 10% discount if the wish to purchase any of our kits on the day of training. Kits start as little as £99 up to a top of the range package costing £2600.

Contact us on or telephone on 0207 871 3017 for more inormation, advice and availability.


Overseas buyer BONANZA!!!

Due to the low value of the English £ buying on of our kits will NEVER BE CHEAPER FOR OVERSEAS BUYERS Use the calculator below for a guide to how much this would cost in your own currency - please note that payment must still be made in £ sterling only.



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EXCLUSIVE In-House Gold Plating Training Courses on How To plate metal and non-metal items Zoom




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