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Ultimate CarMaster GS90 Gold Plating Kit for Car and Motor Bike Dealers

Item Number 380

Ultimate De-Luxe CarMaster Gold Plating Kit for all Auto Car and Motor Cycle dealers

Creating a brand new profit centre for your business this simple to use kit allows your own staff to create gold plated trim and badges on selected vehicles to order with absolutely no skill required or special area in the workshop.

With the benefit of the whole package paying for itself the first time it is used, and enough 24k Gold - OFFER NOW INCLUDES our amazing Rose Gold (with growing popularity for lady drivers in particular) to plate 12 cars, this kit becomes the perfect tool for 'up-selling' once the client has agreed on the make and model.

With having the facility to produce 1 or more of your demonstrator vehicles already having their 4 prime badges plated with luxurious 24k gold - at a cost of just £5 a car for example - buyers will be extremely tempted to enhance what probably is their second largest purchase (after their own home) they will ever make.

It also allows the dealer to offer other unique facilities to existing and new clients such as:

  • Creating 'Limited Edition' models - popular with some newly launched models 

  • Offering additional and selective gold plating services to new and existing clients for other external chrome plated or metal interior features

  • A Unique cost effective 'sales tool' to close deals with some hesitant clients - with the cost to your dealership of just £5 per vehicle but a perceived value to the client of between £200 and £300 + VAT

  • Featuring a 24k Gold Plated Limited Edition vehicle in the Showroom and at Public Shows will cause huge interest giving your sales team the opportunity to engage with a 'captive' audience that they may not otherwise have been able to command normally.

This exclusive package is available at the pre-launch price of £269.00 instead of £299.00 (free delivery in mainland UK only) creating more than £3k in revenue


Overseas buyer BONANZA!!!

Due to the low value of the English £ buying on of our kits will NEVER BE CHEAPER FOR OVERSEAS BUYERS Use the calculator below for a guide to how much this would cost in your own currency - please note that payment must still be made in £ sterling only.



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The GS90 gold plating kit is the perfect add-on to compliment the range of 'upgrades' that are normally offered when a car is sold. With just 1 look at one of the demonstrator cars that have received this magical treatment, it will be hard for your clients to resist as they no longer have to imagine what the gold plated badges would look like - they look sensational.

The kit contains everything required to start plating from the day you receive it and includes:

    • GS90 plating machine
    • De-Luxe Metal Carry Case
    • 100ml Gold solution
    • 25ml Rose Gold solution
    • 500ml Chrome stripper
    • 500ml Nickel activator
    • 500ml Stainless Steel activator
    • 500ml Electrocleaner
    • 50ml Finishing polish
    • 3 Stainless Steel probes
    • Crocodile clip
    • Large bundle of Swabbing
    • 3 Chemical pots
    • Eye protectors
    • Latex gloves
    • Wire wool
    • 3 Chrome Practice pieces
    • Owners manual on electroplating
    • Owners manual on building a business
    • Free ongoing telephone and email support package


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