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Electroforming Kits: ULTIMATE PRO Gold & Silver Trade Package for Commercial use

Item Number 916

This is our ULTIMATE Trade Electroforming Package modified to include everything needed to electroplate all metals as well as non conductive items. You can also use this kit to plate with other luxury finishes such as rose gold, platinum, rhodium etc, all sold separately- but this kit does include 24k gold and Silver

Designed to be used as a small production line for plating more than item at a time as well as additional functions sucg as the UNIQUE creation of electroplated NON metal items too

See full details of this amazing package below


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Due to the low value of the English £ buying on of our kits will NEVER BE CHEAPER FOR OVERSEAS BUYERS Use the calculator below for a guide to how much this would cost in your own currency - please note that payment must still be made in £ sterling only.



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The ultimate "plate anything" kit, complete with gold plating solution
With the ability to plate virtually every product the creativity provided with this package is absolutely endless and allows even the most inexperienced person to creat a wonderful array of totally unique items not available anywhere in the the High Streets of the UK and overseas
The silk flower in the second photo was plated with one of these kits, electroformed in the 5 litre electroforming tank, then nickel plated in the 5 litre nickel tank, then just the head was plated in gold.
In addition to all this creativity there is the facility still to plate any metal item too widening the range of your product based business to increase further
This kit allows you to not only plate over non conductive surfaces, but also comes with everything you need to tank or brush plate all bare metal surfaces - it is not JUST geared towards plating plastics in copper
To plate metal items, you can either tank plate them, or, using the unique design brush plating probes (which also act as plating pens for finer detail work) brush plate the item. With the exception of the electroforming solution (which is tank only) ALL our plating solutions are suitable for both tank AND brush plating.
You can very easily do aluminium, as the kit comes with all you need for doing that, as well as any other bare metal, all very easily.
Buy our 5 litre 24k tank gold solution (for tank use only) to add to this setup, and you have an all tank operation. The kit, as it comes, is set up to tank in copper then nickel, but then brush plate with gold, as only enough gold is supplied to brush plate (or mini tank) with. The kit already contains the correct flat anodes for using with the tank gold solution, so with that additional purchase, you will have a tank system from start to finish!! 
5 litres of tank only 24k gold solution is an additional £587.50 and contains enough gold to plate 704 sq inches to 1 micron thickness of gold, or 1408 sq inches to a typical decorative thickness of half a micron
The large 5 litre tanks (and 5 litres each of the plating solution (except gold) allow for easy, direct and flawless plating of larger items, or large numbers of smaller items at once. It is the perfect "plate anything" setup!
More gold is available from us if you wish to upgrade to having a gold plating tank, but the kit (as it comes) is set up for you to brush plate the (included) gold on immediately after plating in nickel.
More flat anodes are available from us, as are all sundries found in this kit.
The ultimate setup to start your plating business!!!! Be ahead of the competition!!!

Simple to use, improved kit plates non conductive materials to a mirror shine with no buffing needed and this electroforming kit comes complete with ALL of the following:
GS200 10amp electroforming machine (most plating machines cannot be used for successful electroforming- this one gives smooth, easy, consistent results every time)
Bench Polsher with Cotton Mops and Compiund Polish Bars to remove any Oxide on items


Full Instruction Manual
5 Litres electroforming copper solution- plates to a mirror with no buffing needed!
4 PDO Copper flat anodes to surround item evenly in copper tank
4 flat nickel anodes for nickel tank
8 flat stainless steel anodes for all other tanks
Anode bags (to keep solution clean)
8 x 5 Litre rectangular plastic tank (for use with flat anodes)
2 x Air agitation pump and hose (ensures smooth, even plate)
In-tank thermometer (to monitor temperature)
Special stand to hold item in place suspended in tank (fully height adjustable arm stand)
Stiff copper jigging wire
Crocodile clips for holding jigging wire in place on arm
150 ml Spray can of silver conductive paint (VERY easy to use- no need for spray gun!)
5 Litre electrocleaning solution (for removing polishing compounds from polished item)
5 Litre Nickel plating solution (copper needs to be plated with nickel before plating with gold, silver or other finishes, otherwise the top plate will migrate down into the copper over time - this nickel can be brush plated over your electroformed item using the machine and probes supplied. If the item you have electroformed is intended for use as jewellery, then you will need to purchase our Palladium plating solution for this purpose instead)
5 litres copper strike solution (needed for plating over certain metals such as zinc, certain pot metals etc)
100ml chrome plating solution (real chrome- not substitute)
100ml 24k hardened gold plating solution
5 Litres nickel activator (allows you to plate over the nickel with a finish of your choice)
5 Litres stainless steel activator (for plating over all types of steels)
5 Litres chrome stripper solution (for removing chrome which is vital when plating already chrome plated items)
5 Litres anodise stripper (necessary for anodised aluminium items such as iPhones etc)
5 Litres AllyCu solution (necessary for plating over aluminium)
Eye protectors
Box of latex gloves
Copper brightener (to maintain brightness levels of solution)
GS Compound polish (100ml) for use by hand if no access to a buffing machine
GS gold finishing polish (100ml)
3x GS Stainless steel probes (for use  brush plating
Large bundle of swabbing (for use if brush plating with the steel probes)
Wire wool (for deoxidising the copper rods and jigging wire - takes just seconds)
Bag of practice pieces for brush plating tutorial (tutorial is featured in the main plating manual which is emailed to you upon dispatch)
 Complete D.I.Y. press manual and how to price jobs

Complete Marketing Manual with advice on how to sell to the trade and direct to the public

FREE and UNLIMITED e-mail and telephone support (telephone support UK mainland only)
This amazing kit allows you to easily and consistently plate a heavy coat of copper over plastic/non conductive small items- (you can also use the kit to plate larger items but a larger tank and more solution may be needed)



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