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Item Number 917

Professional Upgraded Platics2Gold Electroforming AND Electroplating Kit 

This comprehensive exclusive package is designed to be used for electroplating a wide range of non-metal items to the highest standard with a de-luxe high shine plate. With an almost limitless range of items that can be converted from non-metal surfaces to metal ones available to the user it will afford them the ability to create the most amazing products not available in any high street in the world. 

PS4 Controllers are the most popular gaming sytsem in the world yet hardly ever seen in gold plated versions. With this bespoke package this no longer needs to be the case and the transformation of essentially 'plastic' units to luxury 24k gold plated ones has now become a reality.

With Larger tanks and more chemicals this is the package for the Would-Be Professional

Unlike most other suppliers of electroforming kits ours is the only one that plates non-metal items to a perfect shine with no need to buff or polish whatsoever before applying your final plate and can be used on:

  • Metal

  • Plastic

  • Wood Glass

  • Organic materials

In addition to plating plastics and other non-metal items (known as electroforming), this unique package from the world's leading supplier of equipment, chemicals, training and our 14 year old unequalled award winning telephone and online support team, this package also allows you to plate most metals too (known as electroplating) with the same equipment.

Plus you will also receive the most comprehensive training programme available anywhere in the world from our Technical Director.

You will qualify for a full day's training to show you how to plate successfully both metal and non-metal items followed up with our legendary unlimited lifetime after-sales telephone and email technical support team. 

At the end of the day you will not only leave with the knowledge you need to build a solid business but you will take away a fully 24k gold plated PS4 gaming controller shell- which you will have been instrumental in creating yourself.

Also you will have everything required to develop a wide range of alternative products for re-sale such as 24k gold plated iconic figures and models for collectors to buy and build up collections of them over time.

This is in addition to being able to brush plate hindreds of ordinary metal items easily as seen in the pictures shown on this product page.

Of you want to start a new career with yourself in complete control of your own future - but with a well established 5* RATED (by over 99% of our registered worldwide clients over the last 14 years) company providing lifetime free support then this is for you.


As the world's number 1 supplier of gold plating business opportunity packages we can also offer you an additional separate business opportunity that would run alomgside - and complement your gold plating business - details on request.

To see the amazing list of contents of this amazing Plastics2Gold package please read below


Overseas buyer BONANZA!!!

Due to the low value of the English £ buying on of our kits will NEVER BE CHEAPER FOR OVERSEAS BUYERS Use the calculator below for a guide to how much this would cost in your own currency - please note that payment must still be made in £ sterling only.



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  • Page 1 Google for existing website/social media page
  • Option of custom designed website with domain name of your choice (supplement payable of just £120)
  • Free setting up of access to over 300,000 'local' members of social media groups with no ongoing costs
  • GS200 electroforming machine (most plating machines cannot be used for successful electroforming- this one gives smooth, easy, consistent results every time)
  • Full Instruction Manual
  • 100ml 24k Gold plating Solution
  • 10 Litres electroforming copper solution - plates to a mirror with no buffing needed!
  • 10 Litres Nickel solution with added brighteners
  • 10 Litres Nickel Activator
  • 10 Litres Electrocleaner solution
  • 1 Litre Stainless Steel activator
  • 1 Litre Chrome Stripper
  • 1 Litre AllyCu
  • 100ml Rhodium solution
  • 250ml Silver solution
  • 100ml Copper Strike
  • 250ml GS Gold Polish
  • 250ml GS Compound Polish
  • 50ml Brighteners
  • 3 x 10 Litre Tanks
  • Electroforming Paint
  • 2 Air Pumps
  • Copper Wire
  • 3 Probes
  • Large Probe Swabbing
  • Bus Bar
  • Anode bags (to keep solution clean)
  • Air agitation pump and hose (ensures smooth, even plate)
  • In-tank thermometer (to monitor temperature)
  • Stiff copper jigging wire
  • Crocodile clips for holding jigging wire in place on arm
  • PLUS
  • Eye protectors
  • Box of latex gloves
  • Wire wool (for deoxidising the copper rods and jigging wire - takes just seconds)
  • Bag of practice pieces for brush plating tutorial (tutorial is featured in the main plating manual which is emailed to you upon dispatch)
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