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Page 1 on Google in 1 Week PLUS Website Based Business Opportunity Gold Plating Kit + Extras

Item Number 890


Anyone starting a new business today usually does not have the funds to support a full scale marketing and promotional online campaign due to the high costs charged by marketing agencies - with this package however that is not a problem as we do it for you. 

Here you will find the most amazing business start-up package in the UK for under £5000 and provides you with the most ambitious range of benefits ever seen in the UK, from the worlds number 1 supplier of Gold Plating Business Opportunities, such as:

  1. Gold Plating Kit: A Top Of The Range GS500 Gold Plating Kit worth over £550 alone with extra chemicals allowing you to plate with REAL White, Rose and 24k Yellow Gold, Platinum, Silver, Chrome, Nickel, Copper etc complete with full training and business building manuals

  2. Page 1 of Google: You will be found on Page 1 of Google searches after just 1 week of providing your full contact details which to achieve anywhere else would cost you a minimum of £99 PER MONTH

  3. Social Media Permanent Marketing CampaignYour business will receive a permanent repeated marketing campaign to hundreds of thousands of local people promoting your services and products at the busiest time of the year for selling xmas gifts and presents

  4. Local Businesses Marketing Campaign: Your business will receive a permanent repeated marketing campaign tolocal businesses introducing your services and products to them

  5. Press Releases: 2 press releases a month published and sent to local newspapers, TV and Radio stations further raisning the profile of the website in the locality

  6. Team Support Programme: You will receive the most comprehensible telephone and email support service ever which has generated 5* ratings from over 4000 registered customers worldwide over a 12 year period

  7. Gold Plating Guild: You will be permanently registered with the Gold Plating Guild which will also give you a 10% discount on all future orders plus the Guild logo for your own use which will give you more credibility and set you aside from competitors who are not members of any guild or association

  8. Other countless benefits can be found below in the full description below

Regular Price: £1,500.00

Special Price: £899.00

Overseas buyer BONANZA!!!

Due to the low value of the English £ buying on of our kits will NEVER BE CHEAPER FOR OVERSEAS BUYERS Use the calculator below for a guide to how much this would cost in your own currency - please note that payment must still be made in £ sterling only.



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Page 1 on Google in 1 Week PLUS Website Based Business Opportunity Gold Plating Kit + Extras Zoom




As one of the most profitable business in the world for any new business by gold plating metal items to create unique gifts not seen in any of the High Streets of the UK - especially before Xmas - you have the opportunity to be a part of what will be the largest single group of independent creators of gold plated gifts and electroplating services in the UK right from the start at a budget price.

Full details of this amazing package:

  • The worlds No 1 selling Top of the range GS500 gold plating Kit worth £550 alone - dispatched within 1 working day on next day delivery (Mainland UK) 
  • As well as receiving the award winning world class 12 year old and completely free and unlimited telephone and email support 7 days a week (with over 99% rating us 5* worldwide for 12 years) you will also have the services of the Founder of the most voted for supplier of gold plating kits in the world - Gold Solutions - as well as being the creator of the worlds largest Gold Plating Guild to personally guide all members to success
  • Hosted by the Gold Plated Gifts Group (UK) each buyer will be automatically included in the buyers local county based website with a maximum of just 10 buyers (Members) per County. Each County will have each members full contact details shown on the members page (an example of this page can be seen here
  • They will also be registered with Google to appear on page 1 of Google searches for gold plated gifts with their full contact details displayed plus another free complementary website to add to also add to their profile in their County
  • Each County website will be fully optimised for that county and also appear on local google searches as the number 1 website for gold plated gifts and services to millions of residents of their county - with links fdirectly to the Members
  • Between now and the end of the year the County website and all its members will be fully marketed with continuous Facebook campaigns aimed at reaching between 200,000 and 500,000 people many times a month with frequent seasonal messages to them in the build up to the busiest time of the year for the public buying special gifts for friends and family for Xmas
  • There will also be a new page added to the County webssite at the start of November for members to display and sell any products specifically targeting the xmas period
  • Between now and the end of the year the County website and all its members will be fully email marketed to local businesses promoting members products and services with links to the County website and details of those business contact details sent to the members for them to do their own follow-ups on if they choose
  • There will also be a minimum of 2 Press Releases created and published each month until the end of the year with copies sent to local TV, Radio and Local Newspapers to further raise the profile of the website and its members. Members are also entitled to 1 free press release for their own business to further raise their profile in the County
  • All members will be automatically enrolled in the worlds largest Gold Plating Guild free of charge and as a members they will receive a permanent 10% discount on all future purchases of replacement chemicals and sundry supplies from our website along with a Gold Plating Guild Logo plus a Gold Plated Gifts Group logo for their own promotional use
  • Members can also have a business page built with a shop on their own Facebook account if they have one with links to their page on the County website if requested free of charge 
  • As individual business all members are also helped and encouraged by Gold Solutions support team to build and develop their business outside of their membership to the County Group anywhere in the world with no restrictions or conditions applied 
  • Included in this package is a marketing plan designed by Gold Solutions and exclusive to County members for showing members of how to generate £1000 for 10 hours work as a minimum
  • All this includes the personal assistance of the Founder and his support team making this the most comprehensive business opportunity package for any start-up business in the UK for under £5000 

With a Gold Plating kit worth £500, page 1 on Google, Custom designed website, a continual marketing campaign running between now and the end of the year worth over £1000 if bought elswhere, and the direct involvement of the Founder of gold Solutions, this is tge best possible way to start a new business in the UK today.

With incomes averaging from £100 an hour to £300 an hour and no skill required to plate perfectly from day1, and with the inclusion of this comprehensive marketing programme there is also no business experience required either as the development of your business is all done for you.

To ensure that your business continues to grow in 2019 members will also receive all the same benefits detailed above through 2019 and beyond by paying just £10 per month per member from the 1st of January 2019

As well as all the befits detailed above this offer includes our top of the range GS500 kit with the following:

  • GS500 25 amp variable digital plating machine with lifetime warranty
  • 3 Insulated Stainless Steel probes
  • 100 Pen nibs
  • 4 leads
  • 3 Chemical pots
  • 3 Plating Tanks
  • 5 Anodes
  • 3 Plastic trays
  • 2 Crocodile clips
  • Wire wool
  • Large bundle Swabbing
  • Large Paper Centre Feed Roll
  • Box Latex Gloves
  • Eye protectors
  • 6 Practice pieces

Plating Chemicals

  • 200ml 24k Gold solution
  • 100ml Rose Gold solution
  • 100ml White Gold solution
  • 100ml Platinum solution
  • 200ml Silver solution
  • 200ml Nickel solution
  • 200ml Copper Strike solution
  • 200ml Acid Copper solution
  • 200ml Real Chrome solution
  • 250ml Compound polish
  • 250ml Finishing polish
  • 500ml Chrome stripper
  • 500ml Nickel activator
  • 500ml Stainless Steel activator
  • 500ml Anodise Stripper
  • 500ml AllyCu - essential for preparing Aluminium for plating
  • Detailed owner’s manual covering all aspects of electroplating PLUS detailed manual on developing a Gold plating business locally and with our WORLD BEATING AND FREE ongoing telephone (UK only) and email (Worldwide) business support package

Other features included

  • Completely Free and Unlimited Technical and Business Building Telephone support 5 days a week - we even call you if requested
  • Completely free and unlimited email support 7 days a week 9:00 am to 9:00 pm



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