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  Below you will see a few examples of just how easy electroplating is for any newcomer to do. With absolutely no skill required to plate perfectly everytime, plating can be achieved by following just a few simple procedures.

What is electroplating?

Electroplating is a 200 year old tried and tested method of depositing a selected plating metal such as Gold, Silver, Chrome, Nickel or Copper on to an existing conductive metal item whilst passing low level direct current through it. As the metal ions in the selected plating solution lose their charge they are deposited on to the item chosen for plating. The selected metal coats a thin layer of the chosen finish on to the item and as an example of the coverage attained with this method a single gram of Gold can be beaten into a sheet one metre square or one ounce into 300 square feet.

There are 2 basic methods of electroplating which are:

TANK PLATING: This method uses tanks with plating solutions where the chosen item for plating is immersed in whilst passing a current through the item causing the plating metal to be deposited on the item.

BRUSH PLATING: This method, which is the easiest and most popular method, uses a method where the plating solution is brushed on to the item whilst passing a current through it causing the plating metal to be deposited on the item. This method is fully portable and can be powered from the mains, a car battery with an inverter or a generator. It is also suitable for using to plate items in-situ such as car badges fitted to a car or installed bathroom fittings. When plating badges on a car the process has no effect on either the paintwork or the plastic bumpers of the car.

All kits supplied by Gold solutions have all the necessary equipment and chemicals to complete these tasks and also come complete with an instruction manual explaining the stages and techniques of both forms of electroplating. Plus all our electroplating kits are capable of plating with the following finishes:

Watch how easy it is! Watch our gold plating videos...

See here how you can take any conductive surface (except aluminium, which can be done but is tricky ) and gold plate it! Watches, jewellery, ipods, iphones, phones like the nokia 8800, chains etc.

We are treating stainless steel here, de-greasing it first with washing up liquid, activating it, then plating it and its done!

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