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Rhodium White Gold Ring Plating Kit For Rings

Item Number 921

White and 24k Plating kit is the perfect kit for anyone looking to plate or re-plate worn rings and other small items of jewellery like earrings

The kit can be used for plating, as well as re-plating worn jewellery, and contains everything required to start plating from the day you receive it 


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Rhodium White Gold Plating kit is the perfect kit for replating worn rings time after time

It normally costs between £40 and £50 for a jeweller to replate a worn ring and takes up to 1 week to have it done.

Now you can do this yourself and takes up to 10 minutes to do and it costs you only £6 to do it perfectly - again and again.

You can even plate it with a different finish if you want, like rose Gold just by purchasing a small bottle of Rose Gold from us whenever you want - MAGICAL

The kit can also be used for 24k Yellow Gold plating if you purchase some gold plating solution and contains everything required to start plating perfectly from the day you receive it and includes:

  • GS90 2.25 amp plating machine with adjustable voltage setting
  • Solid sturdy stainless steel probe for mini tanking with
  • 50ml rhodium  solution, enough for between 10 and 15 rings (if heavily plated)
  • 250ml ring prep solution for electrocleaning before you plate
  • 50ml compound polish for buffing up the ring before you plate
  • 50ml finishing polish (called gold polish) for use AFTER you finish plating
  • Length of copper wire to hook the ring onto when lowering into the solutions
  • 3 Chemical resistant pots (1 for prep, 1 for Rhodium, 1 for rinse water)

Very easy to do, no skill involved, and more rhodium  is available from our website shop

You simply clean the ring up with the compound polish, to make it nice and shiny, then use the supplied plating machine and ring prep chemical to electroclean the ring for a few minutes, then rinse, then using the machine, plate in the Rhodium for 1 minute to 90 seconds (depending on how heavy you wan the plate to be) then finish with a rinse, and going over with the finishing polish (all supplied)

The machine that this kit comes with is a powerful 2.25 gs90 machine. Rhodium, platinum and chrome all require a full 2 amps per square inch to plate, so when using these solutions, you must have at least a 2 amp (2000mA) machine, any less and the platinum will not deposit properly (most kits of this size come with 0.3 or 0.6 amp machines

PLEASE NOTE If you intend to plate over rings that are yellow gold AND 18k or less, then they may be mixed with enough nickel to warrant needing nickel activator (another short step in the process) in which case we can add 100ml nickel activator for £4- contact us first 

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hi there
just to let you know, i did get this during the week but only got time to use it yesterday, i dipped 7 of my wifes diamond rings including a £3600 ring and being the fact iv never plated anything in my life i was a little worried, it was so easy using the clear institutions by the third ring i was a professional i just left great feedback and will buying another rhodium solution today maybe a 100ml

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