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After over 12 years Gold Solutions are the world's leading innovator in supplying a totally unique range of Electroplating Kits for people looking to start a lucrative - but low cost - new business complete with a FREE unlimited support team.

Kits can now be purchased exclusively for plating onto metal items ONLY or for plating BOTH metal AND non-metal items depending on what the clients wants to be able to plate onto.

All packages headed ELECTROPLATING are for plating metal items only and those headed ELECTROFORMING are used for plated both metal and non-metal items.

AN ESSENTIAL PART OF BEING SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESS IS THE ABILITY TO MAKE DECISIONS: Here you will find the largest and most unique business packages anywhere in the world - to suit all budgets - join us NOW

From a small start-up package for under £100 - right up to the top of the range 'EXECUTIVE', 'DE-LUXE'' or even the amzing "ULTIMATE" package for the totally committed - Gold Solutions cannot be beaten any where in the world for our unique kit packages, chemicals, free support team and office or even at-home training courses for the more ambitious and determined Entrepreneur.

Additional services include Social Media and E-Mail Marketing Campaigns putting your new business infront of 100's of thousands of potential customers locally, Leaflet Design and Distribution, Website Creation and Optimisation, Press Relases, In-Screen Presenters placed on your own Website selling your products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - AND MUCH MORE.

Gold Plating is highly profitable and allows kit owners to offer a huge range of gold plated products that just cannot be found in the High Streets of the world today. If the general public wanted to go out to the shops and buy any of the countless items you could gold plate - they simply will not be able to.

Why not be one of the first in your area to fill that massive void - with over 500 million gifts bought every year in the UK alone - how many of those would welcome buying something 'unique' for a change yet still within their normal budget.

GOLD SOLUTIONS - with the largest range of kits in the world - shows you how to do that FREE

Plating perfectly from day one requires no skill whatsoever - as can be seen on any of our videos here - allowing you to earn incredible high incomes working from home.


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