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Terms & Conditions

Shipping & Delivery
For mainland UK orders costing over £30 deliveries will be dispatched within 3 days with on a next day delivery basis. For overseas orders delivery is dependent on destination address and country and buyers will be informed of this information on receipt of order or any email request for delivery times. Orders placed with a value of under £30 are not sent on next day delivery unless requested and are posted with Royal Mail second class post. Where next day delivery does not apply purchasers will be informed by email. For UK next day deliveries Gold Solutions use UK Mail and for overseas deliveries use Parcel2Go.
Privacy Policy & Security
For your security, Gold Solutions do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties and use secure URL's to protect and encrypt your details in all sensitive areas of the site including all payments and your account management areas. 
Returns, Refunds & Replacements
Gold Solutions will only refund goods purchased providing they are returned to us in a perfect and unused condition within 14 days, and at the buyers expense. When the goods have been returned and that have been confirmed to be in an unused condition and complete, there will be a 10% handling charge deducted from the item purchase total to cover administration costs but the cost of the delivery charge of the goods to the buyer will not be refunded. Once returned items have been received verified as being unused a refund will be made within 3 days.
The criteria for nonrefundable elements of any order are:
1/. When chemicals are purchased then regardless of whether they have been used or not refunds will not be given as they cannot then be re-sold as 'new and unused' by Gold Solutions to other clients.This nonrefundable amount amount will be based on the shop price of each product at the time of purchase
2/. Where products or services have to be purchased from 3rd party suppliers then refunds at cost cannot be made as Gold Solutions have already covered those costs at the point of order
3/. Shipping: Costs incurred in sending order to customer, for the UK this will be a maximum of £10 and for overseas it will be for the exact amount quoted or charged at point of order
4/. Work aready undertaken by Gold Solutions or its agents at point of cancellation as detailed below:
  • Website: £400.00 if work completed
  • Website: if not completed then a standard charge of £50 per hour by Gold Solutions for any work on the design of that website plus any 3rd party costs incurred up to that point will be applied
  • Video production: £200.00. This charge is non-refundable regardless of how much work has been put in by Gold Solutions, or any 3rd party Film Production company, even if the video has not been completed.
  • Training Fees: If Training was included in the purchase then the buyer will be liable for the full fee (plus any travel/hotel costs incurred in that training)
  • Social Media Services Fee of £500: To access the Social Media Services product you must be both a member of the Gold Plating Guild as well as apply to the Gold Plating Guild to be an Authorised member of the email scheme contained within that product. Once an order has been placed for this there can be no refund given thereafter as the services would already have been acted on by Gold Solutions with immediate effect. 
  • It is accepted by the buyer that they agree to the following conditions as part of the purchase. Firstly, before contacting any New Car Dealerships, Bathroom Showrooms and Golf Clubs on the buyers behalf, the buyer will have to provide the body of text to be delivered. Secondly, when the buyer requests emails sent to specific local businesses the buyer will provide those email addresses to the Gold Plating Guild or they will forfeit the right to that part of the purchase. Thirdly, the buyer must provide the Gold Plating Guild with a link to their own Facebook page and any Facebook groups they have joined in if they wish the Gold Plating Guild to promote their page to members of those Facebook groups in their own locality. 
  • Gold Plated Gifts County Group Membership packages: All members are subject to the following conditions

1/. Members must not use their Group name other than to state that they are members of that group and not to make any claims that they represent the Group other than just being an independent membre of the Group

2/. Members are only members of the group as long as they pay the monthly service fee, 1 month in advance, and if members miss that payment deadline they will no longer be classed as a member and all links and reference to them and their business will be removed from the Group website

3/. Members must at all times act in a responsible and ethical way and do nothing to jeopardise the reputation of the Group they are a member of. If it is found that have not not done so they may be removed from the Group website at the discretion of Gold Solutions.

4/. New members must agree to provide Gold Solutions access to their Facebook account if the buyerwishes us to post to any groups that the member is a member. As Facebook require, in most cases, that someone must reside in the area that they want post to, Gold Solutions could only do so with access to the buyers own Facebook account and if this was not agreed to by the buyer then Gold Solutions would be unable to promote that members business to those groups which in turn would absolve Gold Solutions from any responsibility to meet that part of the package they purchased. In these cases no refund for the lack of those services can be given.

Orders can be placed through our website, or via email. Current members of the Gold Plting Guild will receive a 10% discount on all shop purchases for chemicals and sundry supplies unless they are full 30% or 40% discount members of the Guild in which case they will receive their higer discount as per their agreed discount level on purchses with the exception of any purchases of all Rose or Yellow Gold solutions and Platinum when their discount for those productss will be limited to just 20%.
Payment Gateway
Payments are processed securely via PayPal or credit card. 
Damaged Goods Policy
Gold Solutions must be informed by telephone within 24 hours of receipt of order and in writing (by email) of any damaged goods or items missing within 3 days of receipt
Overseas Orders
Orders received from overseas will not be accepted unless by previous arrangement
Any warranties issued by Gold Solutions are subject to any conditions stated when item/s are purchased. Where items are sold with MANUFACTURERS warranty/guarantee, Gold Solutions will act on behalf of the purchaser when dealing with any issues covered by any such warranty or guarantee
In the event of dis-satisfied customers Gold Solutions will always try to resolve the matter amicably
Conditions of Sale
Ownership of goods will only pass to the purchaser when full payment has been received