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20-20 commonly recognised as representing perfect vision - perfect for the year 2020

The '20-20 Perfect Vision' packages have been selected as the ideal Start-Up business opportunity for the year 2020 for anyone looking to offer luxury low-cost gifts and presents as well as providing gold plating services to the public and trade. With these products and services rarely found oin your area you will have access to an incredibly high profit business opportunity.

If ever there was a symbol ideal for starting your new business in 2020 - then 2020 perfect vision is it

All packages come complete with an impressive range of add-ons to some of our most popular low cost packages COMPLETELY FREE for a limited period.

Packages listed here are provided complete with enough contents to start your new business from the day you receive it and come with completely free and unlimited telephone and email email support.

A new feature will be a series of business building documents covering all the critical areas that require attention before you choose your new business as well as in the first 3 months of any new business including:

1/. What are the 5 key things you should consider before commiting to buying a specific business from any supplier
2/. What to consider when selecting a new business and the importance of completely free and unlimited 5* telephone and email support during that period
3/. Knowing and planning your plan of action from week 1 to avoid failure
4/. What you need to do BEFORE the new business package arrives
5/. How do you address pricing your products and/or services, on-line and off-line marketing, finance
6/. Should you have a website, even if you only intend trading locally, and what is the most cost effective way of building up your customer base from scratch

It is suggested that potential buyers should contact us for free access to some of these documents before making their purchase documents


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