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About Gold Solutions - The world's Number 1 Supplier of Gold Plating Kits Chemicals & Training Courses

"When you purchase one of our fantastic kits you also acquire a 'silent partner' with the main difference being that we do not receive or charge a salary for our unlimited support and advice and have no say in decisions about your business - but we will always help you achieve your goals as much as possible - and after 10 years we are still delivering on that promise."

If you think that 'free' advice is worthless then check out our thousands of existing customers who have received this support for many years. And if you think that 'paid for' advice is better, then just think about all the paid for advice millions received from their banks and insurance companies......................................

When Gold Solutions started selling kits in 2006 for people to gold plate from home, the GS500 (then know as the Pro500 kit) was selling for £995 and contained less than they do now. Since then we have reduced the price massively whilst increasing the kit contents!

Gold Solutions has introduced the ground breaking ULTIMATE (see details here) business package which has now been bought by clients from all parts of the world and is the answer to overpriced gold plating 'franchise' packages that cost much more - but that does not come with all the controls and restrictions imposed by the parent company.

Gold Solutions have been nominated and winners of the prestigious UK Small Business Award for Excellence in Customer Service and Value in 2015, 2016 and now 2017 as a testament to our consistency over many years in this specialised field.

Who else has done this in the last 10 years?


We help you to grow your own business - for FREE...

When you purchase one of our fantastic gold plating kits you also acquire a 'silent partner' with the main differences being that we do not receive or charge a salary but have no say in decisions about your business. Our aim is to use our industry experience help your business to grow. Get in touch to find out more.


We are currently providing membership to the Guild (worth £200) to all buyers of a plating kit for just £30 - this is a limited offer and can end anytime. We have now also introduced our latest innovation - a 10% discount on all further orders from Guild members and provide many business building aids and benefits too.

As a registered member you can even have your own contact page on the world renowned Gold Plating Guild website (see here) for an additional one-off £30 fee on application


Help and advice for gold plating businesses...

We have also introduced our fantastic support package which includes telephone (UK only) and email (Worldwide) help to all of our operators covering all aspects of building a successful business. This not only means on the practical day to day issues operators have to deal with, for instance when they are asked to plate a metal or an item they have never plated before, but also the equally important matter of marketing their services

With most shops in the world still not offering the public 'gold plated' versions of all the 'metal' items being sold every day, there is one of the largest untapped retail opportunities left in the world to exploit - there will never be a better time than now

To plate or not to plate - that is the question, we have the answer...

Too often people bought a kit from a supplier but received no assistance in these areas but, with Gold Solutions, you are not left on your own. We advise on what products are good to plate, how to plate them (important if you are plating an ipod but do not want any chemicals to get inside it), where you can buy them at good price, how to price a job and much much more.

So what do our thousands of existing customers think about us...

Well, we are probably the only supplier in the world of diy home plating kits and chemicals who allow them to leave whatever comments they choose on the renowned independent website Foxrate

When you are considering starting a new business from scratch, it is important that the company you select to get you started have a track record of first class service - and as can be seen by our unique features, we have done this now for over 10 years.


To all of you, from all of us at Gold Solutions - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Terry George
Founder - Gold Solutions