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The Gold Plating Guild

We are Founder Members of The Gold Plating Guild. The world's first ever international network of Gold Plating Specialists
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Unique Overseas Offers for buyers outsde of the UK seeking exclusive offers and deals

Welcome to the Founder of Gold Solutions EXCLUSIVE Service Section. Here you will find a range of packages that are offered with direct DAILY input and support from the founder of the most popular and innovative supplier of gold plating kits and business opportunities in the world.


Due to the growth of Gold Plating over the last 10 years Gold Solutions are now looking for exclusive 'Partners' in many countries where this Retail/Wholesale market is underdeveloped and crying out for 'local' suppliers

If you are looking for a new amazing business opportunity in any of the countries shown below please contact us to find out what is available.

Why not be the first in your country to start to fill the massive untapped marketplace for gold plated products not currently available in your country's high streets

GOLD SOLUTIONS - with the largest range of kits in the world - will help how to do that

Plating perfectly from day one requires no skill whatsoever - as can be seen on any of our videos here - allowing you to earn incredible high incomes working from home. You can now also supply people in your own country with their own kits to exploit this untapped market

These packages are only suitable for those looking to build substantial businesses from the start with one of the largest untapped business opportunities in the world






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